Design Process

The Lemons
I was inspired by a beautiful oil painting to create this design. I think it turned out very classy and elegant with the warm tones and stitched leather! The Chestnut leather base makes a perfect frame for the design. Sparkling yellow crystals really add that extra flare and of course it's set with brass hardware.
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The Abduction
Aliens come to earth to research our most valuable living species, the dog. We have centered the beam lifting the dog into the UFO and the desert landscape in the background.
Side note: We took a trip to the desert and photographed this collar with Coyote's famous flying saucers!
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The Octopus
I wanted the octopus to look like he was reaching out towards you. Big suckers covering the collar and tentacles all about. Painted with the classic color combination of rich orange and light blue.
We blew bubbles filled with dye on the leather to create a really neat ocean effect in the background. Each one unique!
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