Halloween Dog Collars - Auction Coming Soon!

Halloween Dog Collars - Auction Coming Soon!
It's October! It's a crisp, cool, foggy morning as I type this with my coffee in hand. Of course, in San Diego, it will be 76* by mid-day.
I get so excited for Halloween and the freedom and fun that I can have with the Halloween dog collar designs this time of year. A few years back, I did one of a kind auction pieces for the holidays. The last two years we released a small collection of Halloween collar designs. This year, I am bringing the auction pieces back! 
The Halloween dog collar auction allows me to really invest time into each piece. It's an opportunity to test my skills and put all of my leather working tricks of the trade to use. I don't have to think about creating designs that will work at sizes made for all breeds of dogs. I have a one-size, blank canvas with endless possibilities. 
I have started work on an adorable pair of hanging bats, a snake crawling under skin, and with the release of the new movie, a design inspired by Hocus Pocus. I will be working on a few more this week as well. 

The Halloween Dog Collar Auction will take place on the Facebook page. Bidding will take place in the comments under the photo of the collar. 
The Auction will start Tomorrow! Thursday, October 6 at 8am PST!
The collars will be ready to ship same or next day!

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