Moon phase leather dog collar

Moon phase leather dog collar

Moon Phase Leather Dog Collar

The making of the Moon Phase leather dog collar.

Like all of our designs, we start with a blank hide of leather and a drawing.  We use premium veg-tan leather, from one of the oldest tanneries in Italy. Hundreds of years have been dedicated to the craft of making these hides soft, supple, free of blemishes and perfect for absorbing the right amount of dye for an even coat. 
We take our drawing of the phases of the moon and apply it over the leather that has been dampened with a sponge.  This allows us to trace the drawing and leave an impression of the moon phases on the dog collar blank. Next, we take a swivel knife and cut the lines of the moon phase and then use traditional hand tools to add depth and texture to the design. 
After tooling is complete, the real fun begins! We use a sponge to apply blues, blacks and whites in a splattered, textured pattern to look like a galaxy.  Each one turns out a little different and unique! We then carefully paint the moons with silver paint by hand. Next, we take a gold glitter paint that is specially formulated for durable use on leather and carefully apply this to all the cut lines in the tooling and stars. Our moon phase dog collar is almost complete! We add a little bling with genuine Swarovski crystals, stitch to the latigo leather base fit to your dogs neck size, and finish with your choice of silver or brass hardware!  With the silver moons and gold glitter paint, either hardware choice will match nicely. This moon phase dog collar is ready to be placed in it's satin bag and shipped to one lucky and dapper dog! 

One of the best parts of this job is receiving pictures of customers wearing their new collars! It makes my day to see!
Don't forget about yourself! We also offer matching moon phase bracelets and moon phase card holders! 

We look forward to creating your next special piece! Please shoot me a message at with any questions. 

Many thanks, 

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