KoKoLati is a family business located in Southern California. The dogs sleep at our feet while we work on the leather.  On summer days, with the windows open, you can hear the whinnying of horses up the valley.  

Inspired by some of our favorite things, places and nature, each design starts on a scratch pad of paper.  We use traditional leather working tools to bring each design to life. 

Every piece is crafted with love and care.  When you purchase from KoKoLati, you know you are getting a product that was created just for you with your pet in mind.  


If you have ever seen a western horse saddle, you will recognize the classic
floral design tooled into the leather. We use the same traditional tools and
techniques but apply these to our original designs. It starts with an idea or a customer suggestion, the design is drawn on paper, traced onto the leather and then tooled to give depth and dimension.


Here at KoKoLati Leather, we are committed to using the finest materials available. We use a premium, full-grain, vegetable tanned leather. Vegetable tanned leather makes up only 10% of leathers worldwide. It is a traditional, high cost tanning process that uses natural ingredients as opposed to chemicals to tan the leather. This creates a soft, durable leather that will stand the test of time. That beautiful squeak of new leather, and the gorgeous patina that develops after years of use, is unique to vegetable tanned leather.