Constellations Dog Collar - How it's Made

Constellations Dog Collar - How it's Made

Constellations Leather Dog Collar

This custom leather dog collar features a dark blue galaxy background with constellations / zodiac signs in shimmering gold. 

We start all of our collars with raw materials. Your choice of black or chestnut latigo leather is cut to the desired width and length to perfectly fit your dog. The latigo leather is a strong, waxy leather. It starts off firm but with use becomes more and more buttery soft while maintaining it's strength and durability. This base layer ensures that our custom leather collars will stand the test of time and strong pulling dogs. 

Next, we get to work on the art panel of the constellations dog collar. This is where we add personality and style to the collar! Untreated vegetable tanned leather is crafted to allow leather craftsman to customize the hide. We cut the leather to fit the base template of your collar and carve the constellations / zodiac signs into the leather. Next, we take a mixture of blue, black and white paint and use a sponge to apply. This technique adds texture and makes a beautiful galaxy pattern to the background of the collar. We use paints specially formulated for use on leather for our constellations dog collar and all of our dog collar designs. Gold glitter paint fills in the cut lines on the constellations making them shine and stand out from the dark blue background.  

Below is a picture of the constellations leather dog collar in process, right after tooling and before paint!

And here is the constellations dog collar after it has been painted and stitched onto the base layer! Shimmering Swarovski crystals add an extra touch of bling and sparkle to this collar. 

And the best part, seeing the beautiful dogs wearing out KoKoLati collars!

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