The Lemons Leather Dog Collar

The Lemons Leather Dog Collar

I was inspired by a beautiful oil painting to create this lemon dog collar design. We started the design with all perfectly circular slices in a pattern on the collar, but that wasn't very interesting. We worked the drawing until we had a beautiful flow of whole lemons, various sized slices along with the leaves that separate the colors with contrasting green.
I used a textured beveler to set the lemons apart from the background and a smooth pear shader to give realistic texture to the pulp of the fruit.

A close up of the tooling.

We originally had the design with a bright blue background, which I loved and was very fun.  Over time though, I wanted to update the design with something more subtle and elegant. The design was given a makeover with a warm leather background, chestnut leather base, and we upgraded the rivets to stitching to secure the art panel to the collar. 
I think it turned out very classy and elegant with the warm tones and stitched leather! The Chestnut leather base makes a perfect frame for the design. Sparkling yellow crystals really add that extra flare and of course it's set with brass hardware.

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