Whimsical Blue Whale
Whimsical Blue Whale
Whimsical Blue Whale
Whimsical Blue Whale

Whimsical Blue Whale

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  • Custom made. Ships in 4-8 weeks.

Crafting this Blue Whale dog collar design has been an exciting and heartfelt journey for me. I am so excited to think of the dogs that will be walking around wearing this collar crafted from our workshop. If you haven't noticed by how many ocean-themed designs I've offered, I am a huge lover of the ocean. We are located in San Diego and frequent the beauty of the sea often during the summertime. Whales in particular have always sparked my interest - they are the guardians of the sea. Majestic gentle giants of the ocean. Their sheer size and power inspire such awe.

This design features the blue whale himself centered, he has a happy expression and a whimsical element to his form. The background is a detailed abstract pattern of ocean waves and sky clouds, dancing together in an ethereal embrace. A representation of the harmony in the natural world. The stunning hues of blue range from deep navy to powder blue, perfectly complemented by sparkling gold accents.

You will have the option to customize your collar with your choice of leather and hardware color. Swarovski crystals come standard but feel welcome to message me if you would prefer they are left off of the collar.

Thank you all sincerely for the support of our small family business. We are so grateful for your kind comments and purchases that keep us creating!

Size Guide:
Small = 1.25" wide tapered to a 3/4" buckle
Medium = 1.5" wide tapered to a 1" buckle
Large = 2" wide tapered to a 1 1/4" buckle

How to measure:

Use a tape measure or a string to wrap around your dog’s neck where you want the collar to sit. Not too tight or too loose, just as you want your collar to fit. Measure where that string meets to get your neck size. This should be selected as the center hole. For example, if your dog’s neck size is 12”, select 11-13”. If your dog’s neck size is 12.5” we recommend rounding up to 13” as the center hole, so select 12-14”. If you have a puppy that may grow, select their current neck size as the first hole, so if their current neck size is 12”, select 12-14”.

Due to the custom nature of this product, please expect 4-8 weeks for your collar to be crafted. :)

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Direct Neck Measurement

The best method is to measure the dogs neck directly. Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your dogs neck just where you would like the collar to sit. No need to add extra room or pull tight, we will make it adjust comfortably from the dogs actual neck size.   

Measure from your dogs collar.

You can also measure from a current collar your pet wears. If measuring from a leather collar, measure from the fold in the leather (by the buckle) to the hole that is most used and the best fit for your dog. Measure a nylon collar from the start of the material on one end to the end of the buckle on the other end. See the pictures below. 

quality hardware

We use solid brass and nickel-plated solid brass hardware for our collars. These center-bar buckles and D-rings are tested for strength and durability. We use chicago screws with Loctite permanent rivet glue to ensure our collars are as durable and strong as they are beautiful. The safety and comfort of your dog is our top priority!