The Octopus Leather Dog Collar

The Octopus Leather Dog Collar
For this octopus leather dog collar design, I wanted the octopus to look like he was reaching out towards you. Big suckers covering the collar and tentacles all about. His head and watchful eye is just off centered on the collar with the main focus the twisting tentacles.
We tried a million different color palettes but landed on the classic color combination of rich orange and light blue. They contrast so nicely and the octopus really stands out. 
The tooled octopus before paint. 

We came up with a really fun technique for the background, pulled from my memories of elementary school craft projects. We filled up a cup with water, soap and leather dye. We then take straws and blow into the cup like a kid with milk at the dinner table haha.  Bubbles overflow and land on the leather creating a really neat bubbles effect to the background!  We did run into one problem though - blue dye all over our orange octopus. With a little research I discovered the simple yet magical, 'masking fluid'.  This is a clear liquid that you apply to parts of a painting you want to protect from paint/dye. After we bubble the background, you peel off the masking fluid which is now like a skin on the octopus and the clean orange paint remains underneath. 

This design has a lot of steps, it takes a good amount of time, and it's Very messy! But it's definitely one of my favorites!  We have so much fun with each step of the process and it's really neat to see each one come out unique.

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