Kokolati Collars at the Palm Springs Kennel Club Dog Show!

Kokolati Collars at the Palm Springs Kennel Club Dog Show!

Earlier this month we packed up and headed to Indio to attend the Palm Springs Kennel Club dog show!  This was planned for months in advance, and we made a lot of dog collars to bring to the dog show. With almost all of our collars being custom made, I had never seen so many collars in our shop before! It was many, many long nights to prepare! 
We live only a few hours from the show in San Diego. We decided to take the slightly longer scenic route. This was Tony's first road trip so we had to stop for lots of pictures along the way.

We arrived in the evening and had a couple hours to unload the truck and setup our booth. It was really exciting to decorate the space with our collars in anticipation of all the dogs and people coming the following day! 

We had the opportunity to meet several of our customers including Amy, Ash, Reid and Stark, Cesilie and Boots, Ashley, Heather and I really wish I was better with names!!! But I remember meeting each one of you that stopped by the booth. I was so grateful to be able to put faces to names and be able to connect with people and pups in person <3 

We had awesome neighbors too! Our booth was right next to SubZero Canine Reproduction. They were such a fun, knowledgeable and sweet group of girls! They kept us entertained and laughing throughout the 4 day show. 
On our other side sat Mina+Pup. They are a collar, harness and leash company. The owner is Natalie, a very bright young woman who started the business in high school. Natalie and her mom were so kind and hard working. 
Across from us we had Biggest Little Glitter Shop. We were crossing booths to visit throughout the show. I bought the most beautiful multi-colored bottle from the shop too! She does a lot of incredible custom work and makes dog bowls, keychains, tags, tumblers, and more! Sky is the limit with her creativity. 
It's always exciting to meet other dog loving entrepreneurs!

We had a wonderful time at the show! Sold lots of collars and most important, made memories. The daily sunrise and sunset was incredible over the desert mountains. Our biggest challenge was keeping Tony warm. We bought this fleece onesie and kept him swaddled in our jacket or heating pad for most of the trip. 😅I was really proud of how well he did for a young puppy on his first big trip! 
Very grateful to everyone who stopped by the booth! I hope I get to meet You and your dog at another event! 🤗

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