Winter Diamonds

Winter Diamonds

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Simple, understated, and strikingly beautiful!   Great care is taken to make sure that each line and each dot is centered and symmetrical.  The lines have been beveled by hand not once, but twice! This gives the diamonds a beautiful 3-dimensional puffy look that is just beautiful.  It reminds me a lot of quilted leather...but on a whole new level!  
The natural leather shows off how exceptional the leather quality is.  Not a flaw in sight!  The blue color is just slightly metallic and shimmers when your dog is in the sunlight!  
This collar is available in any neck measurement and all widths for both small and big dogs.  Each one is custom made to your specifications for a perfect fit!
Have a special request?   We are willing to work with you on color changes or adding your pets name.  Just shoot us a message before or after ordering!

Every KoKoLati product is made to order.  Due to the custom nature, each collar is unique and varies slightly in color and design.

Please expect 2-3 weeks for your collar to be brought to life.  

Quick FAQ

What is the layer option?  
Click here for an example!

The most preferred option is a double layer. If you prefer a thinner collar, select "Single Layer". This is suggested for small dogs. Single layer collars are just as strong and can be used on dogs of any size.

If you would like an extra D-ring on the back of the collar select "Double layer with center D-ring". This allows the design to stay facing up when the dog is pulling. 

How do I measure my dog?
Please click here for instructions.  Each collar is custom made to your dog's neck size so please measure carefully for a perfect fit! 

Size for pricing (exact measurement for a custom fit on next page):