Have your collar custom made!

Each KoKoLati Leather collar starts from a hand selected hide of leather. We cut the hide into long strips, cut the template, tool the design, hand paint and assemble with durable solid brass hardware!
After hitting “customize” you will select your dogs exact neck size. We custom make each one to ensure it is a perfect fit for your dog. If you should have any questions, please don’t hesitate to message us on social media or email

from 129.00


Oh, little fly how pretty your glow,
How was this done?  I wanted to know.
Dancing around and flickering your light,
Delighted I watched and took in this sight.
I listened and watched the performance was grand,
The stage was set, with your very own band.
The sound came across the lake from the loon,
It seemed you were glowing to this favourable tune.
The orchestra rhythms from crickets below,
Followed by croaking, that sounded quite low.
The swoosh of the trees, the wind got involved,
Exciting the owl, his head had revolved.
Participants freely in each of their parts,
How nature expresses and touches the heart.
Now I must go, it’s getting quite late.
This evening has been, a memorable date.
Thanks for the romance and beautiful night.
I’ll leave it to you to turn out the light.

Poem by: Renee Frenette
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