How do I care for my KoKoLati Leather product?

Here at KoKoLati we seek to create works of art that aren't just beautiful, but are durable and functional accessories. We use durable paint that is specially formulated for use on leather . That being said, you want to treat your KoKoLati Leather product as you would a fine pair of shoes, to preserve the artwork. 

  1. Avoid water - remove the product for swimming, bathing, etc.
  2. For dogs, remove collars when left unattended.   
  3. For dogs, remove for rough play with other dogs.   
  4. Condition the back of the product once a month with a non-darkening leather conditioner.  You can wipe the painted front clean with a liquid non-darkening leather cleaner. Click here

How do I measure for my KoKoLati Leather product?


Measure your wrist size. Use a measuring tape and measure tightly (do not squeeze) just above (towards elbow) your wrist bone. 

Pet Collar

There are a couple of methods to measure for your dog's collar. The best way is to measure the dogs neck directly. Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your dogs neck just where you would like the collar to sit. No need to add extra room or pull tight, we will make it adjust comfortably from the dogs actual neck size.   
You can also measure from a current collar your pet wears. If measuring from a leather collar, measure from the fold in the leather (by the buckle) to the hole that is most used and the best fit for your dog. Measure a nylon collar from the start of the material on one end to the end of the buckle on the other end. See the pictures below. 

Shipping & Turn Around Time

All orders are shopped through USPS priority mail, with tracking.   Each piece is handcrafted and custom made after you order.  Please expect 2-6 weeks for your order to be brought to life and shipped to you.   Fully custom orders can take anywhere from 3-12 weeks depending on the complexity of the design and the number of revisions required. 

Refunds & Repairs

We understand that purchasing a KoKoLati Leather product is an investment, so we want each piece that leaves our workshop to be special and made to last. If you have any issues with your product please contact us! 

Special Requests

Would you like a martingale collar for your dog? Do you need rush shipping on your order? Are you in love with one of our available designs but would like some changes made? Please contact us if you have any special requests and we can work together to make something customized and unique for you!

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