How do I care for my KoKoLati Leather product?

Here at KoKoLati we seek to create works of art that double as durable equipment. We use paint that is specially formulated for use on leather . That being said, you want to treat your KoKoLati Leather product as you would a fine pair of shoes, to preserve the artwork. 

  1. Avoid water - remove the product for swimming, bathing, etc.
  2. For dogs, remove collars when left unattended.   
  3. For dogs, remove for rough play.   
  4. Condition the back of the product once a month with a non-darkening leather conditioner.  We recommend Bick 4 or Lexol non-darkening. 

How do I measure for my KoKoLati Leather product?

Pet Collar

There are a couple of methods to measure for your dog's collar. The best way is to measure the dogs neck directly. Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your dogs neck just where you would like the collar to sit. No need to add extra room or pull tight, we will make it adjust comfortably from the dogs actual neck size.   
You can also measure from a current collar your pet wears. If measuring from a leather collar, measure from the fold in the leather (by the buckle) to the hole that is most used and the best fit for your dog. Measure a nylon collar from the start of the material on one end to the end of the buckle on the other end. See the pictures below. 

Shipping & Turn Around Time

All US orders are shipped through USPS priority mail with tracking.   Each piece is handcrafted and custom made after you order.  Please expect 3-6 weeks for your order to be brought to life and shipped to you. 

We are not responsible for lost/stolen or delayed packages.  We will do our best to rectify situations as they arise. 

We are not responsible for custom's duties on foreign orders.  Tracking number is not available for international orders. 

Refunds & Repairs

We understand that purchasing a KoKoLati Leather product is an investment, we want each piece that leaves our workshop to be special and made to last. If you have any issues with your product please contact us!  

If, in the course of normal and reasonable wear your product breaks due to one of the following circumstances we will repair or replace your product free of charge:
  1. A rivet pops
  2. Any of the hardware breaks
  3. The leather rips
  4. Unusual wear and tear of the paint
We ask for a picture to be emailed to us of the break or damage done to your product.

While we will replace any product of ours that breaks under normal use, if your product has been subjected to any one of the following circumstances we reserve the right to refuse repairing/replacing the product or to charge an agreed upon fee. 
1.  Has been soaked in water or regularly worn in the rain.
2.  Has been used as a tie out.
3.  Has been chewed on by a pet or scratched by a pet.
4.  Has been cut by an object. 
5.  Has been worn by a dog that pulls on the leash heavily.
6.  Has been lost or stolen
We reserve the right to solely determine whether a product has been used under normal and reasonable wear.   Please send us pictures of the damage.   Each case will be handled individually so Please contact us no matter the circumstances of the damage!  We want to make sure you are happy with your product and are reasonable and willing to work with you! 

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