Our goal is to provide you with a custom, handcrafted product with a relatively quick turn around time.   Like a fine dining restaurant, we want to keep our menu small but each item artisan crafted from top quality 'ingredients'!  Here is a guideline of what we can and cannot do to make the collar a perfect fit for you.

What we offer:

*Buckle Size - We have the following buckle sizes in stock: 1.5", 1.25", 3/4" and 1/2".   You can request a wider collar with a more dramatic taper (2" tapered to a 3/4" buckle for instance).

*Hardware -  We display each collar with the hardware we find best fitting for the design.    You are welcome to request silver or brass hardware for any design.  Free of charge, just drop us a message before ordering. 

*Small Dogs -  If you have a dog with a neck size Under 10", we can make our designs in single layer 1" wide tapered to a 1/2" buckle.   Just order a small and drop us a message before ordering, there is no extra charge.  

*Leather color -  We display each design on the leather we find best fitting.  You are welcome to request any available and in-stock leather color for the bottom layer of your collar.  Free of charge, just drop us a message before ordering.

*Add Crystals -  Any design, even if not shown with crystals, can have crystals added by request.  We only offer Swarovski crystals in 20ss and 34ss size.   You can message us to know what crystals we currently have in stock.  (+$15).
It is up to our discretion how the crystals are arranged on the design.   *No more than two crystal colors on a design.  

**In ALL cases Please message us Before placing your order!**  We don't want to miss your email and not add the customization.   If you have already placed your order and would like to make a change, please email us at info@kokolati.com or contact us on Facebook.  We can make changes to your order up to 5 days after the order has been placed.   Contact us as soon as possible.  We respond to every email we receive so if you do not hear back from us within a day or two, please email us again or contact us through Facebook/Instagram to ensure we received your message!

What we do Not offer at this time:

*We do not offer chain/leather loop martingales.  We suggest pairing our collars with a slip collar for safety if needed.   We can make the collar have a more dramatic taper at the buckle for sight-hounds and dogs that tend to back out of their collars.  

*We do not accept customer sent in hardware, crystals, stones etc.

*At this time we only offer nickel plated solid brass hardware and solid brass hardware.  We will not custom order hardware in different styles, metals or finishes.  

*We cannot alter the appearance of the design or make paint/color changes for you.

*We do not offer custom collar designs but welcome suggestions for future designs. 

*We cannot add your dogs name as part of the collar unless the design specifies so.